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For more than 15 years, Joe Lovitt has made a name for himself in the Twin Cities and throughout the Midwest by being clean, family-friendly and flat-out funny. A versatile road comic that can go where others cannot - church basements, high school auditoriums and corporate boardrooms -- Joe's experience goes beyond comedy clubs and bars. It gives him the unique insight needed to coast thru the white-hot gauntlet of your second cousin's husband's stepmother's hairdresser's son's bar mitzvah unscathed. And without spilling his coffee. Want to laugh with your co-workers as much as you would with a crowd at a comedy club? Call Joe.

Animated Joe


People are raving about Joe!

"All three performances were excellent, and a different one every time. Everyone enjoyed it, parents and kids alike."

Dan Oie, Calvary Lutheran Church Golden Valley, MN

"A welcome detour into higher nuttiness! Well worth getting off the couch for!"

Colin Covert, Star Tribune Minneapolis, MN

"What else can I say but you killed them?! I've never seen such a positive reaction to any event!"

Colleen Bell, Relate Counseling Minnetonka, MN


What the video links below comprise is a well-rounded body of work from a highly innovative and flexible performer. Joe can be funny on the spot, he can cold read, and he can show up on time and be "on the money" day in, day out, 'round the clock, months on end, early morning hours, AND talk the actress out of her tree.

Standup On Camera U.S.S. Broadcasting Johnsonville Kitchens
Meet Joe Royal River Casino Convertible Italian Sausage Stuffing
Christmas AutoFun Cinematography MeatBalls
Fathers And Sons Friendly Chevrolet Concessions Rigatoni
Back To School Country Inn & Suites Satellite Dishes Lasagna
The Great Outdoors Wear Dated Carpets Drive-in Theaters Queso Dip
Go Vikings! Best Buy Employee Training Peace Maker Stuffed Mushrooms
Elections Isuzu Employee Training Seinfeld Sliders
Pure Nonsense Red Robin Restaurants Wedding Chapel
To Snatch A Naughty Person
On Target With Joe:
Episode I


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phone: 612.849.2551
email: joeatthemic8619@gmail.com

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